About Mt Everest Challenge

The ‘Marlborough Mount Everest Challenge’ is a run/walk event where the goal is to travel the elevation of Mount Everest (8800 m) in 7 weeks – the time that it took Sir Edmund Hillary in 1953! The event will be run from 7th October – 25th November 2023 and funds raised from this event will go towards Stage 2 of the Port Marlborough Pavilion (which includes multipurpose indoor courts).

The tracks chosen will allow participants to accomplish the goal by running or walking the Tirohanga track in Picton or the Mt Vernon Track in Blenheim. Attaining the goal of 8800m during the seven week period will not be an easy task but we’re sure Marlburian’s will be up to the challenge! The Tirohanga track will need to be climbed 36 times and Mt Vernon 25 times to complete the task.  If you complete the goal of 8800m as an individual or as a group you will receive a medal at prize giving to be held at the Port Marlborough Pavilion on Friday the 1st of December at 6pm

We aim to encourage local people to not only utilise the amazing local walking tracks that Marlborough has to offer, but to get fit while doing so. You can do it solo or as part of a team to help motivate each other. Get your family, friends and work colleagues to join your team. Put the challenge out there and see what you and your team can achieve. 

Health & Safety

The team from the Endeavour Park Pavilion Society believe participant safety is paramount to the overall success of the Marlborough Mount Everest Challenge. This information is to provide guidelines around your safety and Marlborough District Council (MDC) Dog Bylaws that will enhance the experience of all during this seven-week challenge period as long as we all share and comply with these responsibilities.

Safety during the Challenge

  • Plan your trip and allow a reasonable amount of time.
  • Tell someone or better still take a buddy – let someone know your plans and when to raise the alarm if you haven’t returned.
  • A walk is always more fun if there are two or more of you so get in contact with a friend and do the challenge together.
  • Be aware of the weather – New Zealand’s weather can be highly unpredictable. Check the forecast and expect weather changes.
    Know your limits – Challenge yourself within your physical limits and experience.
  • Make sure the walk you’re doing is suitable for your fitness, outdoors skills and experience, and the weather on the day – walks that are easy in good weather can become difficult in wet or cold conditions.
  • While you’re walking, regularly check in with yourself about how you’re feeling. If the walk is too hard, weather conditions are deteriorating or you’re running out of time to complete the trip, consider turning back or changing your route to a shorter or easier option.
  • Take sufficient supplies – it may be a short walk but take some water to keep hydrated and maybe a snack
  • Take a cell phone with you in case you need it in an emergency.

Shared Pathway Etiquette

  • Keep left
  • Cyclists should let pedestrians know when they are approaching by politely calling out or ringing a bell when approaching from behind
  • Cyclists should pass on the right, when possible – unless the pedestrians are on the right in which case pass them in the safest way possible
  • Cyclists should ride defensively and cycle at a speed that does not put others at risk

Emergency Situations

In the event of an emergency – fire, earthquake, and adverse weather events (wind and rain) the following will apply:

  • Before you leave your home or workplace tell someone where you are going and when you are expected back.
  • Fire: DIAL 111, give your location and the location of the fire. Evacuate the area immediately.
  • Earthquake: DROP, COVER, HOLD. If long and strong head to the highest ground. Remain in this area until you are cleared by emergency personnel, or Civil Defence.
  • Adverse weather events: Remain at home, do not head out to the tracks.

For more information on emergency plans please visit MDC webpage

Marlborough District Council Dog Bylaws

Wither Hills Farm Park

  • Dogs are prohibited from the farm park, so please leave them at home.

Tirohanga Track

  • Dogs Off Leash / Exercise Area. Dogs are allowed off leash on the formed track.
  • You can exercise your dog off the leash in Dog Exercise Areas as long as you keep the dog under continuous supervision and control at all times.
  • Under control means that the dog is not causing a nuisance or danger and that the owner of the dog is able to obtain an immediate and desired response from the dog by use of a leash, voice commands, hand signals, whistles, or other effective means.
  • You must have something with you to remove faeces. Dog faeces must be removed immediately and should be disposed of in bins. Failing to do so may result in a $300 fine.