Active Families

What is Active Families?

Active Families is a free community-based health programme that helps you and your children to get active and learn about healthy eating.

Our team will help your family set goals and get involved with fun physical activities that children and parents can enjoy together. There will also be opportunities to meet other families who are choosing to be more active just like you.

Active Families  is tailored to you and your family, our team will work with you to create a plan that works for everyone.

It is free to take part in Active Families, and most of the exercise options are either free or low cost.


How does Active Families work?

Step 1

Your Doctor, Pediatrician or Practice Nurses can refer you into the programme.

Step 2

Our team will contact you to arrange a chat and discover how we can help.

Step 3

You and your family will meet with our Active Families team who will create a nutrition and activity plan that suits you.

Step 4

You’ll all get lots of encouragement, help and support from the team to achieve your goals. We also offer

Step 5

We’ll keep your Doctor, Pediatrician or Practice Nurse updated with your progress. If you still need some more help at the end of the programme, we can also recommend that they extend your referral.