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What is the Marlborough Mount Everest Challenge?

The Marlborough Mount Everest Challenge is a run/walk event where the goal is to travel the elevation of Mount Everest (8800 m) in 7 weeks - the time that it took Sir Edmund Hillary in 1953!

So if you decided you were feeling extremely energetic you could walk the Mount Robertson loop track which has a height of 705m , you divide it by 250 (that equals 2.8), round it up to 3 climbs because it’s pretty close log three climbs of the Tirohanga track on the website.

What are the dates for this Challenge?

The event will be run from 1st October to 19th November 2022

What are the official tracks of the Challenge?

The official tracks of the challenge are the Tirohanga track in Picton (approx. 250m) and Mt Vernon in Blenheim (approx. 356m).

How many times will I need to climb these tracks?

The Tirohanga track will need to be climbed 36 times and Mt Vernon 25 times to complete the task.

Where do I start and finish my climb?

Tirohanga Track, Picton - there are two points of entry to the track, one from Garden Terrace and the other from Newgate Street. You’ll know when you’ve reached the top with the great view and the bench to have a well-earned rest. And remember if you decide to go all the way over the hill and back again it counts as two climbs!

Mt Vernon, Blenheim - start from the car park at the end of Redwood Street and finish at the trig point at the top of the track.

Can I climb other tracks?

Yes, you can climb any track or peak as long as your ascent is equal to or greater than that of the Tirohanga track (250m). You can take the number of metres you've climbed (a good app to use is Strava), and divide it by 250 (that's the height of the Tirohanga).

So if you decided you were feeling extremely energetic you could walk the Mount Robertson loop track which has a height of 705m , you divide it by 250 (that equals 2.8), round it up to 3 climbs because it’s pretty close log three climbs of the Tirohanga track on the website.

Who can join up to complete this challenge?

This event is open to anyone with a level of fitness suitable to climb the Tirohanga track in Picton or Mt Vernon in Blenheim.

How do I register to complete this challenge?

Registrations will be open 1st September 2022. Please use the register button from the menu to register.

Can I register my family or workmates for this challenge?

You can register for them on their behalf, however in order to log your climbs to your account it’s important to note that every registration requires its own unique email address.

Is there a cost to complete this challenge?

Yes, the cost of entry is $30 per adult, $25 per senior (65 and older) and $15 per child (16 years and under).

How do I join a team?

When you register you are given the option to create or join a team. If the team has already been created you will need to start typing in the team name and when it shows and can select to join. If the team has not yet been created you can do so when you register and then share the team name with others to join you.

Is there a cost to join a team?

No, there is no additional cost to join a team

Can I belong to more than one team?

No, you can only belong to one team.


Can I buy a t-shirt without registering for the event?

Absolutely, just visit our Shop to place your order.

Where will I collect my t-shirt from?

We will email you when your t-shirt is are ready to be collected – we will also post information on the Facebook page. T-shirts can be collected from the Port Marlborough Pavilion or drop-offs by arrangement in Blenheim. Please contact [email protected] for arrangements.

Please contact  [email protected] to organise payment if you require the t-shirts to be couriered to you.


How do I log a climb?

Please use the 'Log a climb' button present in the menu under the Mt. Everest Challenge link in the menu and also present at several other location on the website.

Select the mountain climbed and the date on which the climb was done. You can submit multiple climbs for multiple mountains.

How do I keep track of my progress?

After you are logged in, you will find your progress within the Your profile page. The link to Your profile is available with the Mt. Everest Challenge menu.

What do I need to know regarding health & safety?
Can I take my dog?
How do I keep up-to-date with info during the challenge?

Join us on Facebook to keep up with what’s happening and how everyone is going. 


Is there a prizegiving?

Yes! Prizegiving will be held at 1pm, 26th November 2022 at the Port Marlborough Pavilion, Picton. Medals will be given to individuals and teams that complete the Marlborough Mount Everest Challenge. There will also be a number of spot prizes drawn at prize giving!

This year we have a number of awards up for grabs, including for:

  • Best Costume
  • Best Photo
  • Most height climbed - individual
  • Most height climbed - team
  • Most charismatic climber


How do I reset my password?

You can click this link and enter your username or email that was used to register and reset your password. After clicking the reset password button, do check your junk/spam folders of your email inbox for an email with instructions to reset you password. 


How will I know if the event is cancelled?

We will email you, post information on our Facebook page and on our website.

If the event is cancelled will I receive a refund of my entry fee?

Should the event have to be cancelled by the organisers for any reason you will be able to apply for 90% of the fee to be refunded. Alternatively, you can transfer your entry to the event the following year.

If you are unable to start the event yourself after registering, you can transfer registration to another person before the event has started or, if agreed, transferred to the following year.