Marlborough Mt. Everest Challenge Waiver

I/We accept that the Marlborough Mt Everest Challenge contains a level of danger and that

Accidents can occur that may result in serious injury and/or death and/or property damage. I/We agree to participate at my/our own risk. I/We understand that I/We should not participate in this event unless I/we have trained appropriately and my/our physical condition enables me/us to participate in the event. I/we waive liability against race organizers or any associated party for any injury, loss of personal equipment, or damage to 3rd party property that may result as a result of my/our involvement in this event. Safety precautions undertaken by organisers are a service to me/us and other participants but are not a guarantee of safety. I agree to being photographed, filmed, and videoed or to have my image recorded in any way in connection with the event by the Endeavour Park Pavilion Society. I agree to the Endeavour Park Pavilion Society using any such imagery in connection with the promotion and reporting of this event. I understand I am entitled to request access to such images and to have copies of them at my cost